Best class in Black Desert Mobile for early game

With the official launch of Black Desert coming close, every new player will have the same question – What class should I pick first in Black Desert Mobile? We have 5 classes to choose from and each class has its own pros and cons.

In this article I will break down all the classes for you so that you can choose your first class based on your preference. You should also remember that you can change your class or create a new character anytime you want to. So do not feel pressured while making this decision.


A giant is a dual axes wielding melee class that requires you to get in close range to attack and has a nice amount of crowd control. The Giant class does really well in PvP if you are able to chain CC together. If you’re a new player and don’t know how to PvP you can simple knock your enemy into the ground and kill them before they can do anything.

Now, from the PvE perspective, the Giant has some drawbacks. For example, it does not have many long range attacks and once you progress and want to go to mob camps, these camps are spread out and you will have to compete with other players for the farm.

This class will require you to have a better ping and better gear, so I would not recommend Giant class as your first class when starting with Black Desert Mobile mainly due to his disadvantages in early PvE scenarios.


Like a classic warrior, warrior is equipped with a sword and a shield and has both – close and long range attack. Biggest con of warrior is the long cast time and long cool-down. 

So if you are fighting other players online then you might face a problem, especially if you play someone who knows how to dodge, since most of Warriors skills go in a straight line.

When it comes to PvE, this class has the same issue as the giant where you will have to go from camp to camp because of the range and will have to compete for farm.

It’s a decent class to start with but I believe the other classes have a better skill set so I would not suggest starting with a warrior as your first class.


This class is a hybrid between DPS and a tank although I would say its inclined more towards DPS.

The problem with Valkyrie is the same as other melee classes, the farming speed is not as fast and you can’t farm mob camp quickly too.

So just like the other melee classes, I don’t not recommend picking this class as your starting class solely due to the slow farming speed.

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This class does Ice, Fire and Lightning attacks to do AoE and single target damage. This class is really flashy and it does farm very quickly. In fact, I will say that the Witch is in top 2 when it comes to farming in Black Desert Mobile, and is fine to take as a starting character as Witch’s farming speed is very high.

The evolution of this Witch class will give a bigger witch, who is very good at farming. Do keep in mind this evolution will not be available at launch in Black Desert Mobile. 


I saved the best class for last. In simple terms, I would say that the Ranger is broken. Ranger animation and attacks are really quick and the character is really agile too.

Being an archer, this class can shoot from long range and dodge very easily as its super agile. I would say that the archer is the fastest farmer in this game and it is super good when it comes to PvE as it has a quick animation, abilities have a long range and the attack really fast making it difficult to dodge.

With Ranger, you will be able to beat bosses that you shouldn’t be able to because of low cool-down abilities, ability to easily dodge attacks and long range. Ranger is the best possible early game class that you can choose as it is super versatile and doesn’t lack in any area.

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