Early game tips for beginners in Black Desert Mobile

I have compiled a list of useful tips that I found out in Black Desert Mobile, these are some tips which I wish I knew earlier when I started out the game since it would’ve made my journey easier. So here are a few early game tips for beginners in Black Desert Mobile, you can use these tips to improve your game play and even for a veteran player, you might learn a few things you may not have known before.

The World Map

On top left side, there is a world map. Not many people know this, but there is a little globe icon on the map. It opens up a big world map.  Here, you can click on the places and get details about the places. These information you can get to know about the mobs, there will be some mobs you won’t have any knowledge about but you can gain knowledge if you go and fight them.

The details about a zone also tells you if a zone is “hostile monster territory” which means that the monsters will attack you if you go there. If a zone says that its “Wild horse capture area”  means that you can go and tame wild horses there.

It will also tell about the loot drop that you can possibly get. If you click on the Monster tab, it will give you information about the monster in the area and their combat power. Using this functionality, you can have an idea where you want to grind according to your own combat power. There is also a knowledge tab, using it will give you an idea of how much knowledge you have of a specific area. 

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Character Information

Click on the “My info” section which is located right above the Shakatu’s gear shop will take you to the character information page. In this, you will get all the basic information about your character, this information includes – Combat power of your character, Family base power, Character base. This

If you click on “Check CP” you will get a breakdown of where all your CP is coming from. On the right side, you will get a lot of information that you may not know about your character. For example, it will tell you about the daily tasks you’ve accomplished, your town hall tier, how many workers you have and your arena rank and your contribution rank tapping on contribution rank will tell you how much more experience you need for the next level in contribution. Check this area more often will be very useful in the early game and that’s the reason why it is listed in our top tips for early game in Black Desert Mobile

This section will also tell you about your life skills level such as – level of Foraging, logging, mining and fishing. In the titles tab, you will see the total number of titles that you have and the buff that you are receiving because of them. In the other tab you can find of the other buffs that you do not have and how you can unlock them.

Amity with Characters

You can increase your friendship/amity with a lot of characters in this game, such as shopkeepers. If you click on the “amity” icon, you will be in conversation with the character and they will give you a few side quests. Completing these quests will increase your amity with that character, once the amity reaches a certain level, the character gives you some free gifts. For example, once a shopkeeper gave me 70 large hp potions. The town mayor gave me 12-15 black pearls when my amity increased with him.  Amity is one of the most useful early game tips for black desert mobile.

List Function

If you click on the list button, right next to Map, it will open up a list of things you can do nearby, the quest that are incomplete, the repeatable quests and side quests. Also, lists important Non Playable Character nearby that you can click on and go there automatically.

Spy Glass

The spy glass is located right next to the timer. This gives a brief information of the area you are in. For example, it tells you if the area you are in is a safe zone or not and also if you can farm there. There is also a “selective quests” tab in this area where you can go and complete the quests you haven’t completed and gain experience points. 

Wealth and Resource overview

This gives you an overview of the resources that you have. For example, it shows you how many black pearls you have, your contribution points, energy and guild points. You can also tap on these icons and it will take you to the place where you can spend these tokens or even buy them.

The AFK Ring

It’s a little tip, if you stay AFK for sometime, a small ring will appear around the character, pointing towards some places of interest near you where you can go.  A neat little feature to guide you in case you forget where you were heading to.

Horse Bond Effect

When you summon your horse, you can “bond” with it and it will give you an extra buff for 30 mins, not many players know about this trick of bonding.  This can be vital in some campaigns as little things can make a huge difference.

Fast Travel

A lot of new players won’t know about the fast travel function in Black Desert Mobile. This happens if you have unlocked a memory alter within a certain city, you are then able to fast travel to that city.

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