How to play Black Desert Mobile using a controller

Want to lean back and play a great MMORPG? Then follow this guide as I will tell you how you can play Black Desert Mobile on a controller.

Black Desert mobile is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game developed by Pearl Abyss, mobile version for their famous game – Black Desert Remastered.

Everyone is wondering if they can play this game using a game pad/controller. The answer is yes, you can play Black Desert mobile using a controller and in this guide I will tell you exactly how you can do it.

How to set up your controller

  • First, you need to install BlueStacks. You can do that by clicking here
  • After you have finished setting up BlueStacks, you have to download Black Desert Mobile.
  • Connect your game pad.
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + H and make sure you are on Default controls.
  • Click on the controller icon to see the controls.
  • You can now sit back, relax and play Black Desert Mobile with your gamepad.

Black Desert Mobile controls on BlueStacks

black desert mobile on controller

Once you are in game, these are the controls that you can use:

  • Move using your left stick.
  • Use your skills using A, X, Y and B.
  • Change your skills by pressing RT/Right Trigger.
  • To dodge an attack, you can press LB/Left Shoulder.
  • To use your basic attack, press RB/Right Shoulder.
  • You can press DPAD LEFT to open map.
  • DPAD UP to open and accept task.
  • DPAD DOWN to toggle auto combat on/off.
  • To lock aim press DPAD RIGHT.

BONUS TIP: You can press START to enter mouse mode on BlueStacks which you can use to pick up certain items. Press start again to enter gamepad mode again.

NOTE: Do remember, sometimes the input is stuck when you enter mouse mode, just exit and enter mouse mode and it will be fixed.

You can now play your favorite game using a gamepad. If you need more gameplay tips for Black Desert mobile, check out our article for newbies here.

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